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About Us

At Natures Dream Store our mission is to share with you beautiful wellness and self-care products in the form of gift boxes, that have been carefully sourced through collaboration with Australian businesses that are ethical, cruelty-free and low impact on the environment and conscious in every aspect of their business.

We are very passionate about our environment and respecting every natural ingredient and the beauty that surround us on this planet. It is a privilege to collaborate with companies that make fine quality botanically based products, without synthetic additives and product packaging predominantly made from recycled material and can be recycled.

Based in Perth Western Australia, we are proud to work with small companies that have a “pay it forward” purpose by supporting Australian charities and making a difference by helping others achieve self care through your gifts. Also, through flexible working conditions to support employment in rural areas.

Our goal is to provide you with a thoughtfully and finely curated gift box that expresses to others your sincerity, love and gratitude. Through our love of gifting, we can appreciate the importance of carefully thought over and personalised gift-wrapping that will transform the experienced of opening and receiving the gift.

We are here to provide you with the joy of giving whilst offering effortless personal gifting solutions. The moments of joy experienced by the recipients when opening the gift boxes will surely bring warmth to their heart and yours because you know that the gifts are good for their bodies, their souls and their environment.